Opokan Artro
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Health Certificate
We hereby declare that:
the dietary supplement Opokan Artro is a state-of-the-art product that aids in proper
functioning of joints and keeps them in a healthy condition. Opokan Artro is beneficial for
maintaining good mobility of the joints 24 hours a day.
Opokan Artro:
· support normal function of cartilage
· improve joint mobility protects and strengthens joints
· have a beneficial effect on joint resiliency

This product belongs to a wide range of complex dietary supplements, whose ingredients are
of natural origin. This product is recommended to adults as it supports its healthy functioning
and regeneration. Especially recommended for elderly people and people actively involved in

The contents of Opokan Artro:

Glucosamine has a beneficial effect on the structure and elasticity of cartilage. The human
organism can synthesize them, so substitution is not needed in normal conditions. However,
if their synthesis is disrupted (in elderly people) or their consumption is excessive (in people
doing sport), deficiencies may occur, which leads to degenerative joint diseases, whose
symptoms are pain and reduced range of movement. Thus, using glucosamine sulfate as a
supplement is recommended both for preventive care (in musculoskeletal injury prevention)
and for curative care (helping in rehabilitation after injuries and in treatment of joint
degenerative disease. As a result, glucosamine helps maintain healthy joints.

Extract of Indian frankincense (Boswelliaserrata) has a beneficial effect on the mobility of
joints and helps keep them in a healthy condition. Bosweliaserrata is a tree found across
India. It is used in medicine for treatment of joints. Boswellia is not only beneficial for elderly
people, who have age-related difficulty in movement, but also for younger people who are
actively engaged with sport.

Vitamin C helps produce a collagen responsible for the  correct functioning of cartilage and
bones. Is one of the most important vitamins because of its widely beneficial effect on
human health.

The dietary supplement OPOKAN ARTRO is completely natural and safe for use. This is
confirmed by qualitative analyses of the finished product and its raw ingredients, run by the
manufacturer AFLOFARM and other research institutes. No side and negative effects of
taking the dietary supplement Opokan Artro have been found to exist.

The manufacturer of the dietary supplement OPOKAN ARTRO is AFLOFARM Farmacja
Polska Sp. z o.o., a universally recognized and respected business, one of the best
pharmaceutical companies in Europe. AFLOFARM has been awarded numerous
diplomas and certificates, including GMP. AFLOFARM PRODUCTS ARE WELL-KNOWN
AND READILY PURCHASED BY CUSTOMERS and recommended by physicians in MOST
COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD, including Poland, countries of the European Union,
Hungary, Romania, Malta, Cyprus, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Albania, Armenia,
Azerbaijan, Turkey, Vietnam and many others.